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Boom lift hireMtandt Lanka offer the best boom lift hire in Sri Lanka. We are top boom lift manufacturers with the great years of experience in assisting all our customers across Sri Lanka. Boom lifts are essential on any job site that expects a person to perform work on height, difficult to achieve places. Articulating boom arms and extendable basket enable the operator to get to work regions they would somehow be not able to reach. While operating a boom lift, certain means ought to be pursued to guarantee a protected workplace. 

These days the urbanisation has taken up speed and everywhere speeding construction can be found. The more the work, the more will be the need for the equipment and company prefer taking equipment on hire and Mtandt Lanka offers Boom lift on hire. Rental industry has grown at a tremendous speed and so the demand for boom lift hire too has grown.

Features of Boom Lift


Make a pre-use inspection. Check out the boom lift. Analyse hydraulics hoses and fittings for fluid holes. Ensure the tires are appropriately expanded. Begin the boom lift and switch the dynamic info control board to “Ground”. Work the boom lift from the beginning ensure that each capacity of the boom lift is in the great working request. Switch the information control board back to “Platform”.


Put on your security harness. Lift the security rail and move in the basket. Make a point to cut the security outfits to the connection in the basket. Discourage the security change to actuate the platform controls.

Check the area between the boom lift and your work area. Search for any issues that should be addressed, such as, free soil, or impediments in the way. Check the area for electrical cables and overhead perils. When you esteem the area safe, drive the boom lift to the work area. Again, after you enter the boom lift secure your cord to the bin. Position the boom lift as near the goal area as would be prudent. Set the outriggers, if your boom lift has them.

Measure the height

Modify the height and edge of each boom arm to achieve your work area. Continue checking your area to guarantee that you won’t come into contact with any wires or different preventions. When working in a tight region, recollect the request in which you balanced the boom arms, this will make it less demanding for you to leave the work area.


When the work is finished, closed down the boom lift. Lower every one of the arms into their bolted positions. Begin with the boom nearest to the base and work your way to the boom arm associated with the basket. Lower the container to a height that is alright for your exit. Go to the base of the boom lift and turn the lift off. Module the lift on the off-chance that it keeps running on electric power or check the fuel dimension of the boom lift in the event that it is gas, diesel, or propane controlled.

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