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Downtimes, technical failures or damage to a machine are the biggest concerns of any owner and operator of an access platform. Your local customers need their machines to be running as reliable as possible. But if a machine eventually does break down they expect to get effective and fast support to bring them back in operation.

‘3-S Service’ is the commitment of mtandt’s After Sales Service System when responding to After Sales requests of customers. The phrase reminds the Service Team to provide the best possible service as quickly as possible, minimizing time lost due to equipment breakdown.









Speedy Service

Upon receiving an equipment breakdown report we respond with the utmost speed, especially in cases involving serious breakdowns impacting equipment operation. A Service Team will arrive at the site quickly to perform a quick analysis to determine the cause of the problem. They will also supply replace parts to maximize the equipment operation rate.

Satisfaction service

We try to find solutions that will satisfy all complaints made by a customer, regardless of how minor the problems might be. We also offer an emergency dispatch service system to provide better service.

Superior Service

We operate vehicles furnished with a wide variety of special tools and equipment. We have also set up a high quality service system with a variety of digitalized measuring instruments and computerized equipment.

For Service support please call us at +919566286634 or Email



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