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Cantilever Scaffolding System

Cantilever Scaffolding System

Short Descriptions:

Larger working platforms in minutes by attaching a cantilever set,

  1. Width of cantilever set: 0.75m.
  2. Length of cantilever set: 1.80m, 2.50m and 3.00m.
  3. For retrofitting to mobile scaffolds, standard and wide versions up to working heights of 8.60m for indoor use and 6.65m for outdoor use.
  4. For doubling or tripling the working area.
  5. For working above impediments that would make the space under the platform narrower.
  6. For creating a number of workstations on a single scaffold.
  7. Using cantilever sets means that the scaffolding category changes from group 3 (200kg/sqm) to group 2 (150kg/sqm).
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